My Holiday Plan

Hello guys! Welcome to my blog. I have a good news. There will be a long holiday. Yay! I've talked with some of my friend. I asked them about their plan in the next holiday. So, today I want to tell you about our plan in next holiday.
Aira: Hello guys! Naufal: Hello Aira! Good morning! Me: Hello Aira! Good morning! Aira: Good morning! How are you? Me: I’m fine, thank you. How about you? Naufal: Not so good. I have some task to do right now. Aira: Me too, I have to study for the next math exam. Me: Do you know? Holiday is coming. What will you do next holiday? Naufal: I don’t know. Maybe I will go to Kuvukiland with my girlfriend. Aira: Mmm… I don’t know because I have to preparing myself for the next math competition. Me: C’mon Ra, Enjoy your holiday! Naufal: We need to refresh after the final examination. Aira: Don’t worry guys, the next math competition will be held in Brazil. Me: Whoaa! You are so lucky! Naufal: That’s cool! You can study and play at one time! Me: How long do you go there? Air…

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